Winston Oregon Fire Department District – Services Provided

Winston Oregon Fire Department – Services Provided to Citizens of our Fire District

1. 24-hour responses to emergencies by fire and medical personnel.
2. Rapid response to any emergency situation.
3. Response time within City limits averages less than 2-minutes.
4. All duty Firefighters are cross-trained as EMT’s and Paramedics.
5. Firefighting activities include:

  • A. Structure Fire Response
  • B. Wild-land Fire Response
  • C. Hazardous Materials Response
  • D. Vehicle Fire Response
  • E. Vehicle Accident Response
  • F. Special Rescue Situations (extrication, water rescue, steep angle rescue, confined space)

6. Public Assistance

  • A. Water removal from buildings
  • B. Hazardous condition identification and removal

7. Fire Investigation:

  • A. Arson Investigation
  • B. Fire Cause and Determination
  • C. Juvenile Fire Setter Program
  • D. Assist State Fire Marshall

8. Fire Prevention activities:

  • A. Building Inspections
  • B. Plans Review
  • C. Station Tours
  • D. Fire Safety Education
  • E. Code Enforcement

9. Medical activities

  • A. Response to all Emergencies
  • B. Ambulance Transport Service
  • C. Public Education
  • D. Community Blood Pressure Checks
  • E. CPR Classes
  • F. Fire-Med Program
  • G. Poison Control Assistance
  • H. Inter-facility Ambulance Transport

The Fire District responds to over 1500 calls for assistance each year. Winston residents receive approximately 70 percent of the services provided by the Fire District. A break down of the types of responses received by City residents: 44 percent medical aids, 11 percent fires, and 27 percent of the emergency ambulance transports.

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