Winston Area First Citizens Winners By Year

Winston Area First Citizens
Year Female First Citizen Male First Citizen Year Female First Citizen Male First Citizen
1978 Brunette Wilson 1979 Vivian Borgaes Stewart Arnold Morton
1980 Donna Boyd Harley Means 1981 Hazel Pettijohn Art McGuire
1982 Dorothy Hult Ralph Rawson 1983 Marge Brady Charas Denny Mills
1984 Elsie Bean Browning Roy Fisher 1985 Glenda Kennerly Gary Leif
1986 Mary Allenby Larry Wait 1986 Mary Marshall Lloyd Stutsman
1988 Laura Haughn Erv Gubser 1989 Bernice McClellan Jim McClellan
1990 Betty Fortino Bert Allenby 1991 Welsie Caldwell Mike Winters
1992 Judy Zuver Art Griese 1993 Jean Harkins Larry Zuver
1994 Jan Gee Roy Harkins 1995 Penny Dsnis Bill Zuver
1996 Kathy Holcomb Bud Adams 1997 Vi Wilborn Jerry Hall
1998 Lee Anderson George Brosi 1999 Lucille Vess Gary Vess
2000 Penny Mills Bruce Justis 2001 Janet Morse Steve Shenewerk
2002 Edie Young Robert Wheeler 2003 Sandy Lipphardt Dave Quanbeck
2004 Della Harp Joe Roszak 2005 Sharon Harrison Ken Harrison
2006 Valynn Currie Rex Stevens 2007 Louise Rigor Charles McCord
2008 Mo Nichols DickNichols

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