Winston Oregon Community Disaster Response Plan

Community Disaster Response Plan
Purpose & Guidelines
This Community Disaster Response Plan has been developed by the Winston-Dillard Fire District, City of Winston, Winston-Dillard Water District and the Winston-Dillard School District for the purpose of coordinating Community Disaster Responses affecting any three of the above agencies. Types of emergencies that might trigger this plan include: Domestic Terrorism, Natural Hazards, or other Hazards. The agencies understand that prompt, effective,and coordinated response in the event of a community emergency is necessary for the preservation of the public health, safety and welfare.


W-D Fire District (office) 679-8721
The Winston-Dillard Fire District is responsible for Fire Suppression, Physical Rescue, Medical Treatment to the Hospital, Hazardous Materials and Maintenance of Command Post Facility.
City of Winston (Adm.) 679-6739
The City of Winston is responsible to the citizens of the City of Winston for the state of emergency preparedness and the capability of the City to cope with and recover from an emergency, including Police; Public Works; and Wastewater Treatment.
W-D Water District (office) 679-8467
The Winston-Dillard Water District’s first responsibility will be making a safe supply of potable water available.
W-D School Dist. (Adm.) 679-3000
The Winston-Dillard Public Schools is responsible for the students attending the District’s schools, and mass transit evacuation in time of disaster.

Contact List

  • W-D Fire District (Office) 679-8721
  • W-D Fire District (Emergency) 9 1 1
  • City of Winston (Adm.) 679-6739
  • City Police (Emergency) 9 1 1
  • City Police (Non Emergency) 679-8706
  • City Public Works 679-6114
  • W-D Water District (Office) 679-8467
  • W-D School District (Adm.) 679-3000
    • Brockway School (Office) 679-3037
    • McGovern School (Office) 679-3003
    • Winston Middle School (Office) 679-3002
    • Douglas High School (Office) 679-3001

Red Cross Disaster Brochures*

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  • Before Disaster Strikes… (out of print but copies available)
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  • Preparing Your Business For The Unthinkable
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* These and more are available at: American Red Cross Oregon Pacific Chapter 870 NE Alameda Roseburg, OR 97470 673-3255

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